Aliases for Virtualenv


I've been using the following aliases in conjunction with virtualenv wrapper a while now:

alias v="workon"

I got them from this blog post

This makes virtualenv activation and creation pretty damn easy! But today I wanted to get a little more out of them. So I just quickly made this:

alias"v pelican &&  cd /Users/frankv/Work/"

And now I can quickly activate the virtualenv and change to the corresponding directory with one command! Awesome! But... I'm really really LAZY! I want it to do more!

My projects and work environments don't differ very much. They're either a Flask or Django project with a related virtualenv, or this pelican site. That's really it for 90% of my system's work environments. So I'm thinking of a script that could not only activate an env and change directories but maybe also: start the server for me, run a fab or manage command, start dependent services like Redis or Mongo, or even open the directory in Finder or Sublime or Vim... The list goes on!

I'll put some thought into this and see if I come up with something. If you have a suggestion, please tell it to me in the comments!

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